Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nov. 21- Feliz Dia de Gracias!

Dear Family,
Well, 3 became 2 again. Quite fast, actually. We were so happy to have Hermana Oyarzabal, we were saying she was our daughter and we reorganized and decorated the whole house to welcome her! But then Tuesday morning she received a call for special changes. I do not understand the will of the Father, but I know He loveth His children. Me and Hermana Dent will just prepare our area to be received by two new sisters now :) 

We went on some fun divisiones with the Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Robles:) It was a lot of fun with them, especially because the last divisions I did with Hermana Rolles was the first day I was sister trainer leader! She said that I have got a lot more calm with mas confianza now, haha:) 

We are having so much fun watching our recent converts just flourish and make friends and grow so much in the gospel:) This is Ricardo riding on the back of President Solis's motorbike:) He really has progressed so much. Ricardo has friends, he teaches the autosuficiencia class, he is the young mens second counselor, and he is a ward missionary:) AND he passes the sacrament every week. I have never been so happy than watching him and our other recent converts progress and grow so much! 

We had some fun divisions with Hermana Gomez and Hermana Silva this week, too. It is always fun to see how companions work together and the work that we can only get done TOGETHER:) That is definitely something the mission has taught me. The importance of having the spirit and working as a team with our companions:) 
I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! They dont really celebrate that day down here in Mexico, but we are eating that day with a member family who lived in the US for years, so hopefully they remember and feed us something good;) 
I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the light that Christ brings to my life. I am grateful for the perfect plan our Father in Heaven has for His children and for His guiding hand. I love Him and I love this work! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Swallow

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nov. 14- When 2 becomes 3 (part 1)

Dear Family,
It was another amazing week! We are having a lot of fun here in Alpuyeca and everything is just always running and the time flies! 
We said goodbye to a few of the missionaries in our zone that left this week. It is tradition in the mission the cut a tie of the missionaries who are leaving so we did it this week after the zone capacitation:) This is Elder Price, hes been our district leader this WHOLE TIME in Alpuyeca, actually, when I left this zone when I got out of my training he was my district leader. I came back a year later and he was STILL the district leader, haha.
This is Hermana Vidal:) She was a sister training leader and is from Peru:) 
​I dont really know Elder Tuz, but I cut his tie all the same. 
We did divisiones with some of the cutest sisters ever this week:) Hermana Villalobos and Hermana Aguilar:) They are both pretty young in the mission but they are together now and learning juntas!
Did you know indian corn is still a thing?:) But really though, this corn makes really delicious blue-looking tortillas. 
We have been having some health problems lately and it was partly due to the fact that we hadnt eaten many vegetables (we eat whatever the members give us). So, we tried to talk to the relief society about giving us more vegetables to eat and they thought we said that we ONLY wanted to eat vegetables so for 2 days I suffered through that but finally we were overjoyed when Ana knew we didnt want JUST vegetables and fed us delicious enchiladas:) 
Side Note: Enchiladas and Cesina is like my favorite combination ever. 
I took an artistic picture of a butterfly while Hermana Dent was talking on the phone to someone for a while, haha:) 

When 2 becomes 3 (part 2)

One of our very special investigators, Miguel, was baptized this week:) He is one of the most humble persons I have ever met. He sells nopales (cactus) for a living (they eat that here:) and he just has a sincere desire to follow God. 
What made the baptism even MORE special is that our recent convert, Ricardo, was the priesthood holder who baptized Miguel! It was all very awesome.
Miguel was a reference from a recent convert family, Familia CastaƱeda, it is so easy to just open your mouth and share your testimony:) They bought cactus from him one day and invited him to church. Boom.
So, today starts the new transfer! Neither I or Hermana Dent are leaving our are but we are going to be in a trio now with Hermana Oyarzabal:) She is going to be called as the next sister training leader in a few weeks:) She also happens to be my 'nieta' (granddaughter) because She is the trainee of my trainee. This is a pic of the 4 of us in our family tree:) Me, my trainee Hermana Rodriguez, her trainee Hermana Oyarzabal, and her trainee Hermana Granados. It is very fun:) 
We are excited to be here together and teach Hermana Oyarzabal all about the area and being a STL :)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nov. 7- Keeping it Real

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oct.31- Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

Feliz Dia de los Muertos! (part 1)