Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 4- No Subject

My wonderful Family and Friends,
The week was good, conference was amazing, and time is short:) 

So, sometimes people just think I am so stupid, haha. They are just like ''Oh, little white girl you are so cute and naive.'' And that happened this week, haha. I was buying some candy from a street vendor and I saw gummy-eggs, haha. And I thought ''That is so weird, I am going to buy them!'' So I said ''How much for the eggs?'' and she looked at me like she was concerned and was like ''Those aren't real eggs, those are gummy... '' *facepalm*
My nose bleeds have calmed down a ton:) After waking up on Tuesday with blood all over my sheets we decided to tell someone about it, haha. We have a nice Doctor in our ward who gave me a free consultant in a sketchier hospital than I would care to remember, but he gave me some nasal spray that has helped a lot!:) They also checked my blood just to make sure, and we took a picture to remember;) 
There are lots of lizards here and the little ones are my favorites:) This little guy is about the size of a
We were in a taxi the other day when I felt like I was being... watched. Haha:) 
We have this one  ''river'' or canal in our area that is literally full of poop. It always smells super awful and we always have to pass by it. I call it Poop River. We took a picture to never forget;) 
Well, I love you all so much! I hope that you were all able to listen to general conference and learn something that the Spirit needed to teach you:) If you missed a session- go back and watch it! Download the audio, listen while you exercise! (That's what I am going to do :))
I love you all! I am going to send some videos that we took this week, too:) 
Hermana Swallow

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