Sunday, October 2, 2016

sept. 26- Hermana Sualita y Hermana Dentista :)

This is us with Hermana Rees and her trainer Hermana Morales:) 
So its kinda hard to keep track of Mexican culture because it pretty much changes for whatever pueblo you go to. Here in Alpuyeca they had a fiesta day this week about some virgin that the catholics worship and there were these random groups of people dancing with chinese man masks on the faces and a few dressed up like jaguars. They dance along with this flute music and then when the music stops they get to run around and do 'males' , like bad things, to whoever is in the proximity. People get pushed to the ground, stores get robbed, I heard that one kid got thrown in a garbage can. So, we usually just tried to steer clear of these groups.
We did some more divisiones with Hermana Santos and her trainee Hermana Lima :) It was my first time working with them, and it was a lot of fun. They are both really good missionaries. 
The third and final divisiones that we went on were with Hermana Olivares and Hermana Martinez. It is really funny in the mission because everyone has their own home-made recipes and secrets for beauty, haha. Hermana Martinez has these rocks that she went to a cave by her house and found that she rubs together and then rubs the paste on her face. Hermana Olivares likes to mix oatmeal, lime juice, and sugar into a paste to put on her face. So me and Hermana Dent joined in the fun and I did a mixture of both remedies, haha. 
Sorry that I don't have that many pictures this week, we were super busy running around with everything. We are still helping and teaching our awesome investigators, thanks for all of your prayers for them:) We ended up having to wait for a little bit for their baptisms, so keep the prayers coming:) 
I hope everyone has a wonderful time watching General Conference!! Remember to take notes and to listen to the spirit whisper as he tells you how you can improve to be a better disciple of Christ. I love you all so much! 
Love, Hermana Swallow​

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