Sunday, December 4, 2016

Nov. 28- I Love where God has placed me!

We had a multi-zone conference on Wednesday and I was overjoyed to see my old companion, Hermana Muñoz:) We were only companions for one change, but I had so much fun with her. It is amazing the relationships that you grow with people here on the mission, I will remember them always. Me and Hermana Muñoz got along great, we even dressed to  match without trying for the conference;)
I am trying to eat all of the weird things I can before coming home to add to my list of "Weird mexican things I have eaten" and I knocked a few off the list this past week;) This is when I had tacos made of tripe (I think that is cow intestine? not sure) And with some other members last week me and Hermana Dent had to eat Pig kidney. It was really gross. But I am proud to say that I ate it;) 

We also had the huge blessing of seeing Hermana Maria get baptized this Friday, she is quite amazing. She actually was baptized about 50 years ago in 1958, but due to lack of technology and paper organization they lost her membership record! We were trying to help her get ready to enter the temple and thats how we found out that they didn't have her record! So even though God already knows of the covenant she made with him 50 years ago, she was re-baptized this Friday to make things all right and in order:) 

We love visiting Hermana Mary, she is a real sweetheart:) And sassy. She reminds me of my Grandma;) 

An artistic baptismal font pic;) The sign says "New Beginnings" We had to take this pic for a mission movie they are making. The little girl in the picture is Carol, she is an investigator who is getting ready to get baptized as well:) We wont be able to be at her baptism because it is planned for the end of December, but we are still excited and happy for her:) 

Then on Saturday, Hermana Oyarzabal came back!! We are happy to have her here again, and so are the investigators and recent converts:) Eduardo, one of the recent converts, was so relieved when he met her. He just said "Are you going to be the one who helps me when they leave?" It was heart-breaking that we know we have to go soon, but we will help them make the transition easily:) 

These are some cute candid pics of us with Eduardo's son Lalito:) 
I love being a missionary. I love the Lord. I love this Gospel. I love Mexico. I love my brothers and sisters here. I love opening my mouth and sharing the light God has given me. I love seeing that light transform the lives of those we teach. I love the happiness and joy I feel here. I love knowing my purpose. I love helping others find theirs. 
I love all of you as well, I hope you have a wonderful week! 
Hermana Sualita

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