Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Aug. 17- Your Favorite Guerita

My dear and loving family,
I have survived another week in Mexico! And it went so much faster and so much better:)
This week I was sitting in our Zone Conference listening to Elder Cienfuegos talk and I was struggling to understand the Spanish (its way harder when its a talk or something because they dont use their hands and facial expressions as much) and it was rough, I just wasnt keeping up well. Then it happened. I could understand! The words went straight to my mind with meaning and my heart started beating so hard! Then my eyes started tearing up, because I realized he had switched to speaking English. #queserasera jaja. It was pretty funny. I was sitting next to another guerita who is new like me and she thought the same thing. ´Gift of tongues!! .. Nope.´ It was so funny. Turns out I still dont speak spanish! jaja. But I think it really gets better every day:) I understand more, I talk more, and even if they always make fun of my accent, I think I am getting better:) jaja. 
Like I said, this week went so fast, and was good. Sometimes Im not even sure why its so good, because really, it should be awful sometimes.. but Im almost always smiling! jaja. My thoughts are drawn to a favorite movie quote that now sums up my life.. ´So, youre going to suffer alot.. but youre going to be.. happy.. about it´ (Ron Weasly, Divination Class, Hogwarts, Harry Potter 3: Prisoner of Askaban). jaja. But really, that is my life. Everynight when I sit down to write in my journal I start 'Today was a great day!' and then I think about it and it was actually really hard or really difficult.. but I still had a good day! Such a blessing, for reals. 
We had a zone conference this week and a multi-zone conference in Cuernavaca another day as well. Its always really nice to get together with other people of white skin and talk english, but I got tired of not working, jaja. I am here to bring souls to Christ and having to miss like 10 of our appointments to travel to Cuernavaca made me cranky, jaja. Atleast I learned stuff from the conference. 
I am sorry that I really am struggling to remember specifics from this week... after the zone conference my trainer talked to me for a while about avoiding the appearance of flirting (I think she just is angry when she cant understand my English #welcometomylife) but I promised her I would be more careful next time, and THEN the next day this boy came up to us while we were waiting for the bus and gave us cake and when he shook her hand he kissed her cheek (its normal in Mexico) and she didnt stop him, jaja. Hypocrite;) But then he shook my hand and I didnt know how to stop it either... BUt it is still her fault because shes the trainer, right? jaja.
Speaking of the kissing cheeks thing, I think you all would be so surprised at how much physical affection I have to show all day here, jaja. Every woman we talk to we have to kiss their cheek and hug them. I just copy whatever things I watch Hna Garcia do, but sometimes the ladies dont want to hug me and it is SO awkward to give an unrequited hug when I dont even want to hug people in the first place jaja. 
Well, I love you ALL!! Have an amazing week and give the missionaries references! jaja. This week I am going to try to eat more because the members always tell me I offend them when I cant get seconds on the food. Te quiero!
Hermana Swallow
PS- the pic is me and Hna Garcia with elote- its corn on the cob with a bunch of butter, cheese, and chili powder. Pretty fantastic, really:) Also, you can see the crazy plants here! I love it! This is an investigators front yard.

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