Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Aug. 31- Mexico: Its a pretty strange place

Mi Querida Familia,
This was a good week:) I am finding that it is a blessing to be able to say that:) Things are hard, sometimes people are stupid, and I miss my family. But I am still happy:) I can never let myself be sad because the second that happens my feet start hurting, my bag gets heavier, and I cant handle the stress- its better that I give it all to the Lord and keep moving forward with a smile on my face:) 
We have yet to have an investigator attend church in these four weeks that I have been here, but I still feel like we have many blessings:) My comp told me that the only reason I am still happy is because it is my first area so I don't know that it is bad because I don't have anything to judge it against, jaja. But I truly believe the Lord is with us and we are doing His work and we might not see the fruits of our labors, but I am okay being like Johnny Appleseed and planting seeds to grow for future missionaries and for children of God to come unto Him in the future because of something we did:) But prayers are always accepted, thank you for remembering me:) Entonces, because things are pretty tough I don't really have any success stories from this week but I thought I would tell you some of the funny things that are actually normal in Mexico:) 
For one, we travel everywhere that is like over a mile or two by comvie, so we use comvies alot! A comvie is their public transportation that is just constantly running, so there are no time schedules. And they follow the same routes so there aren't real stops, just where you flag them down or ask to be dropped off:) A comvie is basically a van with benches along the sides, back, and one backwards behind the driver. Comvies are such an interesting experience, I thought I would describe them in the form of Jeff Foxworthy:) 1- If you have ever feared for your life, but were kind-of having fun as well, and also striving not to puke, you might be riding a comvie. 2- If there are so many people around you that their sweat actually becomes your sweat, you might be riding a comvie! 3- If you have ever wondered when you got on the roller coaster, but then realized you were actually on a bus- you might be riding a comvie. 4- If you have ever been sitting in a seat bouncing up and down and nearly falling off every 2 seconds but have nothing to hold onto but your faith (or that stranger you're sharing sweat with, but that ain't gonna happen), you might be riding a comvie;). 
There are also a bunch of lizards here. I have seen lizards only an inch long to over a foot! (That one might have been an iguana, but ain't nobody got time to get close enough to tell.) 
In church, the deacons pass the Sacrament to every person individually, so they walk down the middles of the rows to give it. Jaja, I don't know why I find this so funny, but I do.
We have tortillas at literally. every. meal. I have no idea why sometimes, but if I don't eat one the woman of the house will notice and then I will get in trouble;) 
You guys already know about the nursing babies thing, but I was shocked one more time on accident, jaja. I always try so hard to never let anything show on my face when I am surprised, but yesterday I was sharing a hymnal with a sister in the ward and noticed that her child had finally gone quiet and when I looked down, she was breast feeding and singing right next to me,jaja. 
There are lots of Dogs here. Lots. But luckily the scary ones are always chained or in a house:)
When it is somebody´s birthday that person has to take a bite of the cake just with their mouth into the whole cake, and while they do that people shove their whole face into the cake, jaja. I was so surprised! And sad. Because I didn't want to eat face-cake. 
They don't ever have toilet seats on the toilets. I have no idea why! Maybe its cheaper to not have one? But I remember the days when if my brothers forgot to put the seat down I would fall in because it was so strange to me, but no longer is this a problem. I have learned. 
And finally, they don't refrigerate eggs or mayonnaise. So weird. It definitely freaks me out, jaja. I am sure there are more things that they aren't refrigerating, but I am not going to look;) Remember the other week when I sent a picture of me with the corn covered with butter and cheese and Chile? Turns out, it isn't butter they smother it with- its MAYONNAISE. Unrefrigerated mayonnaise that is just sitting in their carts all day. So I don't like Elote anymore, jaja. 
Well, I love you all!!:) Good luck with everyone starting school and such! Keep being strong and remember being Happy is a choice, and it makes everything better:) Love you! 
Hermana Lillie:) 
PS- this is the inside of a comvie:)

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