Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oct. 24- Staying in Galeana!

Mi Querido Familia,
First of all, I love you all so much. 
Second of all, The hurricane that hit wasn't as bad as they were scared it was going to be! And nothing at all happened in my area, only some clouds these last couple days:) I am safe.
Third of all, The results from my chinche bite came back negative! Yay!!
Fourth of all, I have another chinche bite. Yes, it is true.
Jaja, so this week was so good! As you know we started it with going to the Pyramids, and that was nice! But that day I noticed something new on my leg. Yes, another chinche bite. So, I didnt flip out, but I was ready for some stuff to get done so this would stop happening. The next day we washed all the mattresses with straight bleach, we went to the centro de salud for advice, we scheduled a fumigation for the house and hopefully this is the last of the bites!:) Since you have to wait 21 days after the day you get the bite, we went Thursday to Cuernavaca to get my blood checked for the first bite and today we got the results, that I am clean!:) But, I will have to get checked again in 2 weeks for the other one, so keep the prayers coming:) 
We also found out on Saturday that my trainer, Hna Garcia, would be changing areas! I was excited for a new adventure, but extremely frightened at the same time, jaja. We frantically packed all of her bags because that night was the fumigation and we had to stay with other missionaries for two nights before the house would be livable. It was a crazy busy night, but the Lord kept us safe and we got to the other missionaries house with all of her bags alright:) 
My new companion is Hermana Johnson! She is from Pleasant Grove Utah and is white just like me!:) She is super smart, when they called her to give her the Spanish phone test she got into the advanced group, so she was only in the CCM for like 2 weeks before hitting the field. So, she has 2 weeks more than me in the mission, but a transfer more than me in the field. 
Today has been crazy busy and stressful, but we are back in our area now and I know everything will be great:) The Lord is with us and will help us and is qualifying us for His work :) Hopefully with the help of the Spirit I will remember how to get us to all of our appointments and stuff;) I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I really feel you love.
Hermana Swallow
PS- the foto is of me and Hna Garcia and Abi, a girl in our ward who just submitted her mission papers:)  

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