Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oct. 19- Pyramids!

My Loving Family & Friends
I had a good week! It is pretty crazy how fast the time has gone- this is the last week of my training! Next week is transfers, so we will see if anything is different next week or if I am still with my companion for another 6 weeks:) What I DO know is that I don't have to spend anymore time with the training activities that newbies have to do their first 12 weeks- so that will be nice:) 
Something super sweet that we did was this morning all the hermanas from our zone (all 6 of us) went to the pyramids in Xochicalco and it was super awesome! Walking where the lamanites walked;) But really, though... We took a bunch of pictures:) 
There are some pretty weird things here in Mexico that we eat but this week I ate something I thought was really strange: COW STOMACH. Is that a thing in the United States?? I am pretty sure I had never heard of it. It was gross, if its a thing at home don't eat it, jaja. Everyone was laughing and watching me so closely when they handed me my bowl of it and I wasn't exactly sure what it was. they have a specific name for it that doesn't exactly translate to 'cow stomach' and no one would explain to me what it actually was because they were laughing and just telling me to eat it. :/ As I looked at the pieces with the microvilli of digestive tissue I was pretty sure what it was. BUT I ATE IT. #strongstomach #stomachstrong My comp only had a few bites of hers before she asked for something else. So everyone can be proud of me;) 
I also played soccer or futbol for the first time this week:) I am not really sure why I was playing, I don't think the Mexicans were even running or if they were flying... and somehow passing the ball back and forth, jaja. 
I am sorry, I am really struggling thinking of things that happened this week:) The work continues to roll forth! We are seeing some awesome things with our investigators and I love being a missionary:) Hopefully sometime this week we will be able to go get my blood analysis to find out more about the chinche bite, thank you so much for all the prayers and support! I LOVE YOU!
Hermana Swallow

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