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Oct. 12- The CHINCHE

My Dear and Loving Familia,
I am still alive and loving it here in Mexico:) This week was pretty lame story-wise, but I will tell you something that is happening, and then regale you with some more fun facts about weird things in Mexico, jaja:) 
So.... about a week and half ago I got this bug bite on my leg. And it hurt. I have about a thousand mosquito bites, so I knew this bite was different then those ones but I didnt know what kind of bite it was. I mentioned to Hna Garcia that I had a bite and that it hurt, but she just kinda shrugged her shoulders and said 'Lo Siento' (NO YOU DONT FEEL IT, jaja. ) anyways, so I just did what my Mom has always told me and circled the bite with a pen to see if it was growing. Plus the weekend this happened was General Conference and one of the other American sisters actually got Chickungunya (the really rough sickness the mosquitos spread) and so I couldnt talk about the bite much. It was kinda like that sketch of Brian Regan with the guy who walked on the moon, jaja, anything anyone said could be one-upped with the fact that she had Chikungunya. Anyways, so I just decided not to worry about the bite cuz no one really seemed disturbed about it. But it kept growing everyday. 
So, eventually one night when our district leader called us I told him about it, and he cared!:) jaja, and he told us to call the mission president's wife, Hna Avila. When we called her she told us we'd need to go to a doctor to get it looked at because there is this one kind of bug, the Chinche, that spreads a sickness that affects people's hearts in 10-15 years. POR FIN, hna garcia took me to a doctor in the ward after that talk:) And guess what? IVE GOT THE CHINCHE. Jaja. But really.. I guess it is a kind of large bug that comes and sucks peoples blood and deposits its feces (Thats right, Ive got chinche poop in my leg) and it can leave a kind of sickness in the people that causes heart problems or something.. To be honest, my vocabulary in Spanish for medical stuff is sketchy at best, so these facts are just what I picked up. Hna Garcia finally started showing some care, but it was because she had been living with a chinche in the house, haha #compassion. When we called Hna Avila to tell her she got real freaked out too and we were told to drop our citas for the rest of the day to start a deep-clean of the casa. Which seemed a little silly to me because we had been living in the house for about a week since my bite, but whatevs, Im glad to have a clean house now:) We never found the chinche, but they said it might not necessarily be living in our house , they sometimes travel long distances to feed... So, now I have to go to get a check up in 2 weeks to have a blood test and see if I have the sickness given from the Chinche. I received a blessing yesterday, and I know all will be well:) But, prayers are definitely appreciated!
Now for some fun Mexican facts!:) 
-I dont know if I already told you this, but here Dora teaches English to children:) And I think it is so funny. All the words she teaches in Spanish are switched to English in the program here:) Like, the backpack song in English is 'backpack, backpack... delicioso!' But here the song is 'Mochila, Mochila... delicious!' jaja. 
-They buy bread that is pre-toasted here. It is like buying stale bread, but whatevs.
-They sell and eat marshmallows like candy:) Like, you can buy a single marshmallow in a tienda and in houses people have bags of marshmallows to offer visitors sometimes:) 
-When referring to something that is going to happen in a week people always say 'in 8 days' and it drives me crazy because a week only has 7 days!! Like, when we tell them we have church service every Sunday they say 'You have it every 8 days?' 
Well, I love you all very very much! Keep looking up and find what the Lord is trying to teach you and show you in every moment:) In my agenda I write my tender mercies of the day, and sometimes they are large things like someone paying for our comvie, but sometimes they are small things that still show me God is mindful of me, like having a baby smile at me:) Te quiero!
-Hermana Lillie Swallow :) 

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