Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sept. 28- Tengo Gozo en mi Alma Hoy!

My Dear Family & Loved Ones,
How are you? I hope and pray you are doing amazing:) It was another good week! The Lord is truly with us and in the details of our lives! I have officially completed 3 months of the mission! That is one third of one half, people! WOOOO!!:)
I have a newfound focus to help my companion learn √čnglish, did you know that is actually almost as important as us gringos learning Spanish? Preach my Gospel says so. And I have not been doing my part! But, now that Spanish is beginning (only beginning, I promise) to come more naturally, I am trying to talk more in English in the casa. So far I think the only word I have taught Hna. Garcia is 'awkward' jaja. And that is a testament to my life, right there. She doesnt fully grasp the word yet, but I have taught her the concept perfectly, jaja. When things happen she'll be like 'Esto fue su segunda awkward hoy!' (That was your second awkward today!) jaja. I seem to keep her entertained. The only other things I have taught her and the other latino elders in our ward are funny gangster phrases. It is so hilarious to hear them with their accents sayings stuff like 'Oh no you didnt!' or 'You must be trippin!' Jaja. 
I think my biggest tender mercy of the week was Womens Conference this weekend! If any of you women couldnt watch it, I encourage you to do so:) It was amazing! I was told that I would get to watch General Conference in English, so I was fully expecting the Womens Meeting to be in English for me too, which would mean some other companionships with American companions would come to our building so we could be in our own room with a computer in English. But, this didnt happen on Saturday and I was so sad! None of the other missionaries came, which meant I had to stay with my companion and listen to it in Spanish. She didnt understand why I was so disappointed, and just shrugged her shoulders at my distress. Jaja, this is something I sometimes I have sassy-ness issues with with the Sp√†nish language. Their form of 'I am sorry' is Lo Siento, which means, 'I feel it'. So when Hna. Garcia shrugs her shoulders when I cant understand something and tells me 'I feel it' I want to be like 'Uh, do you speak Spanish? I am pretty sure you DONT feel it.'  Nevertheless, I still wanted to be grateful for the opportunity to watch womens conference, so I said a prayer to Heavenly Father that I would be able to understand what I could and what the Spirit needed me to. And it was AMAZING! The songs are still in English, and I could feel the Spirit so strong! And the Lord showed his power by helping me understand and even helping me to take NOTES! Which is almost impossible most of the time because usually I can only focus on listening and cant write at the same time. It was an amazing experience of feeling the Lords love:) He is there in the biggest and the smallest of our needs:) I still hope I can watch General Conference this week in English, though;) 
Something super cool is happening in our area with one of our investigators:) Well, one day we were walking and stopped at a tienda and a boy bought us water. We found out he was deaf and mute, so we signed what we could to tell him thank you. We ran into him again another day and this time we were able to set up an appointment with him through written messages. We have an hermana in our ward who is a recent convert and her son is deaf as well and is not a member, but they both came with us to the appointment to help sign and translate for us. It was a super sweet experience:) Also, if you thought understanding from Spanish-English was hard, try translating from Spanish Sign-Spanish-English, jaja. We found out that our deaf investigator is actually a member but his family moved and he is the only member in his family and didnt know where he could attend church. When he found out that his friend (the son of the recent convert) was not a member, he bore his testimony by sign and it was amazing because both I and Hna Garcia could understand everything:) The Spirit really knows no bounds. Now the deaf boy we contacted,MIchell, knows where he can attend church and renew his convenants, the deaf son of the recent convert, Luis, is going to attend church because his friend will be there, and the Mom is going to help translate and sign for both boys- She who was only converted almost a year ago and already is an amazing instrument for the work of the Lord:) It amazes me that the Lord orchestrates and plans everything in the life of his children so wonderfully. 
I testify that He is doing the same for all of you as well:) You cant understand what he ALREADY HAS PLANNED for you, just trust Him and do what you can to qualify for those blessings:) I love you all, have an amazing week!:) 
Hermana Lillie Swallow
PS- We had 4 in the church yesterday!!!!!! WHAT!!!:) One of them was an investigator we havent been able to get ahold of for about 2 weeks, but he said he looked at his pass-along card and saw the invitation and remembered to come:) WIN NUMBER 2 FOR MY CARDS!!!!! Jaja:) My comp has started writing the same invitation on all of her cards as well:):):):)

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