Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct. 5- Conferencia General!

My Dear Family and Loved Ones,
How are you?:) Wasnt general conference AMAZING??:) I am so grateful that we have a prophet on the earth today and that he holds the keys to guide through these last days of trouble and gloom:) I had a great week!
The week started with something amazing.. RAIN. It usually rains at night here in large thunderous bouts of flooding, but this week I guess there was a hurricane or something somewhere so we had almost 3 glorious days of cool overcast weather, it was amazing. PLUS, I got to use my sweet yellow raincoat:) The only downside to the cooler weather was the fact that our already-cold water was FREEZING for lack of the sun warming it up, jaja. I thought I had accidentally died when I took my shower the first night! Mental preparation was required for the next night. 
We had our second day of divisions with the Hermanas Capacitadores this Wednesday, and it was really good again! They are always so kind and such amazing missionaries and teachers! I learn so much. This week was rough, though, because EVERY SINGLE ONE of my appointments fell through when I was on divisions with them, jaja. I felt bad because youre supposed to show what kind of missionary and teacher you are.. and all we did was get rejected and contact and walk a lot:) But, that is a big part of being a missionary so I know they understand. They were really nice about it! Hopefully next time I can actually teach with them:) 
The best part of the week was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I am so incredibly grateful. The other american Hermanas in our zone came to watch it with us so we could watch it in English together in a separate room, and I am so grateful! I learned so much. We also witnessed another miracle:) 
WE HAD 6 PEOPLE AT CHURCH!! I am so grateful! We have worked so hard and we are starting to see some amazing fruit for the labor:) The Hermana who came to church because of the invitation I wrote on the back of her card, Marta, is progressing BEAUTIFULLY! She is so excited for her baptismal date in 3 weeks and says everything we teach her feels right:) She also calls us her 'preciosas' jaja.. I had a dream the other day about Lord of the Rings and I knew it was because of that. But other than that everything is going super great with her:) I felt bad that I was in the small room watching in English and not sitting with my investigators. Hopefully in April I will watch Conference in Spanish with my investigators:) 
I hope all of you have an amazing week! The Lord truly is in the details. Go and re-watch what you couldnt or what you werent paying attention to during conference and seek the inspiration from the Spirit to know what things you need to change or apply in your life:) You dont know what a blessing it is to watch it in English, to actually hear the PROPHETS voice, and not a person speaking over in a different language. 
I love you all!!!:) 
-Hermana Swallow

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