Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sept. 21- Small Things Bring About Great Things

Mi Querida Familia y Amigos!
WOW we are all so blessed and strengthened in the Lord! This week was.. hard. Like every week;) But So Great!! Because even when things are hard we know the Lord is just preparing us for more blessings! 
So, you know pass-along cards? Well, I thought I knew pass-along cards before my mission, but now I KNOW pass-along cards and the art of placing them;) We use them a ton when we are contacting (talking to random people on the street in the hopes that they will let us teach them). Anyways, when I first started the mish I felt pretty stupid just giving a card with a picture of Jesus and walking away from people. If they didnt let us make an appointment or give us their address, we would probably never ever see them again. And what did they have from our visit? a couple seconds of conversation and a random card with Jesus on it. Which is pretty great, but I wanted to do something more in the hopes of seeing more:) So, I started writing invitations on every card I gave. I found out how to describe where our church was and I started writing on every card where our church building was, when we had meetings, and that they were invited to attend with us:) Well.. I give out a lot of cards. So writing this note on everyone of them takes some of my time in the mornings and my companion teased me that it was a waste of time because contacts never come to church, but I felt like it was something small that I could do and I told her that 'Someday, someone will come to church because of my cards.' I felt very secure about this and knew that I would keep writing my invitation on every card even if it never happened until my 17th month:) WELL IT HAPPENED!!!!!  Whaaaaattt?!:) YES! 
A woman that we contacted about 3 weeks ago in the street didn't want an appointment with us, but she took one of my passalong cards with her. She told us that as she looked at that picture later (the one of Christ in the Americas)she felt something in her- something GOOD:) And when she read the invitation she knew she had to attend church to find out more! so she finally built up the courage to come alone yesterday, and it was nothing short of a miracle to me. An amazing TENDER MERCY:) She loved everything about church and kept telling us that she was feeling something and that she knew it was right. I was so amazed- AM so amazed. I pray that the Spirit will keep working in her and we can help her become truly converted in the Lord:) 
This week was also the Mexican independence day, the 15th and 16th. I guess they never have like one day for a holiday, its always like 2 or 3 days haha. The mexican colors Red, Green, and White were everywhere so our Zone dressed up to show some Mexican Pride! It was a bit awkward when we were around a bunch of people who weren't dressed up and the whitey (me) was showing more country pride than them, jaja. And I guess when Mexicans party they party real hard, so we had to be in our apartment super early both nights, it was so strange not working all day, but we have to be obedient:) 
Well, I hope you all have an amazing week! I love you very much and I feel the strength from your prayers and love!! Remember that through small things the Lord brings about great things! A small invitation on a card can bring someone to Church, a small smile from a stranger can brighten someones day! Think of what little things you can do:) 
Hermana Lillie Swallow
PS- I had another tender mercy yesterday as well, I FINALLY understood a Spanish joke in time to laugh with the group! Jaja. We were learning about the Word of Wisdom and The teacher was listing different types of tea we dont drink and he was like ''Te negro, te chino...'' and one of the hermanos said ''te-quila....'' JAJAJA! I love you have a great week!

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