Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feb. 15- Happy Valentine's Day

My Dear Family and Friends, 
I love you! Get ready for a picture OVERLOAD!

This is me and Papa Vincente:) He is a recent convert of 3 months and really awesome:) He has one of the strongest handshakes ever and is 95 years old. He also speaks a fair amount of English and served in WWII. He is basically a beast. Also, another fun fact, you know now in the US we say 'Cheese!' when we take pictures? Here they say 'Whiskey!' haha. So that is what he is saying while I laugh in the foto:) 
They had a birthday party in one of the members houses we ate in so I decided to take a picture and pretend it was for me;) and here is everyones friendly reminder to email me next Monday to wish me a happy birthday;) 
This is Mahonna, she gave me a Valentines present and she is almost famous:) She has even been on TV because she is a singer- you can look her up on YouTube:) 
This is Hermana Coti and her daughter Josefina who is listening to the missionary lessons:) Hermana Coti is super crafty and one of the things she does is make selfie picture frames for parties out of styrofoam, and this nifty tool in my hands is a wire that heats up and you can cut the styrofoam like butter, haha. It is pretty fun to do:) So fun that I had to actually teach the lesson with Josefina all by myself because my companion couldn't handle it, haha. I was like ''We know Heavenly Father loves you, Josefina. You are a daughter of God!'' interrupted with Hermana Rodriguez, ''Wow! look at this one! This is so fun!'' Haha. 
The dynamic duo:) 
The Elders we share the ward with had a baptism this week and we went to help them set up and such, the water here in Iguala is super bad and it is super green, too. ''When you go under the water you sins will be washed away and you will come out completely clean.. and a little green.'';) 
This is Elder Jackson, he was supposed to be taking a picture of me but snapped a selfie instead;) He is one of the Elders we share the ward with. He is cool and from Cali! We started the mission on the same day and even chatted on Instagram before we left, and now we are in the same ward and training! Good times:) 
These are the two hermanas that god baptized:) Hermana Janet and her daughter Karen. They are super amazing:) I actually taught them before the Elders got here and robbed them from me because we split the ward in half:) But I was grateful to be at their baptism. I actually got called on to give the talk about baptism, haha. But its chill, if I have learned anything here it is how to teach on the spot and follow the spirit:) 
Beautiful Valentines gifts from my wonderful companion:) So much better than the awkwardness of Christmas morning. 

''Where did these presents come from?'' -Hermana Lizano

''Feliz Navidad!''- Hermana Swallow

''Hmm.'' -Hermana Lizano
*Hermana Swallow awkwardly walks away*
These are the cute neighbors:) This family, Familia Lopez Ramos, are the most amazing people ever:) I am so blessed to know them and have them as our neighbors:) 
Here instead of bunny ears they do ''cuernas'' (horns) I thought you might like knowing that, Dad:) 
I held a snake at the Fair today:) I am so brave:) 
Haha, just kidding, I was freaking out. 
They show farm animals at the fair here just like we do at home!:) 
Here in Iguala they have this large fair from the 12-28 of February to celebrate Flag Day (the 24th) since, you know, the Mexican flag was made here:) 
Companion Love:) 
The entrance to the fair:) 
All the flags. All the obvious tourist. All the toe point. 
Things are going really good here in Iguala:) It is steadily getting hotter and hotter, but I love it here:) Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I love you all like crazy. 

Hermana Swallow

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