Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb. 8- I Love You

My Dear and Wonderful Family!
I hope you have all had another wonderful week! I am absolutely loving it here in Insurgentes, I am seeing so many blessings and learning so much with Hermana Rodriguez:) 

One thing that you learn as  missionary is the art of tetris in fitting your bag. And the art of carrying the cargo with a smile on your face;) I always like to remember that when my bag is really heavy I am still not pushing a handcart across the plains. 

This is the complete load outside of the bag. To be a good missionary you must carry... Your bible, your triple, your Preach my Gospel (thank goodness for minis), a copy of the Book of Mormon, at least 10 folletos of the lessons, your hymnal, your agenda (I would die without it), some copies of the proclamation to the family, your map because you still get lost all the time, your missionary manual, your wallet, your pocket size mirror, your kleenex for when the spirit hits, your germex for when the random bathroom visit hits, your flash drive for just-in-case, your passalong cards, your green card, your chapstick, your small collection of pills (anti-diarrhea, ibuprofen, tylenol), the cellphone, the keys, your camera because you never know when inspiration hits, your envelope of lesson aids, your pens, your book of church images, and your large water bottle. 

Everyone loves tupperware here, and all the cool kids use these tupperware bottles. I have always wanted one, but they are usually like 150 pesos (its only like 10 dollars, but we are poor missionaries) but this week a super super awesome member, Amsi, bought us some! I was so happy! Her dog is named Jaqueline and wants to eat me everytime I come over. 

I love my golden bottle because it makes me think of Harry Potter 4 and the golden egg, haha:) Unfortunately my companion dislikes harry potter and doesn't understand when I open it and make shrieking noises...;)
We took series of selfies one night to show how we feel when appointments fall. Especially appointments with less-actives. ''Really? We are trying to save you and you are not going to be home?''
Hermana Rodriguez- ''Whatever''
Me- Just sad. I try so hard to help these people and they just don't want it sometimes. 
A little bit frustrated. It is frustrating when people KNOW this is the truth and they KNOW they should come to church and they just don't want to. 
Buuuut, ultimately we are happy and positive missionaries:) We set another appointment with them and always do everything in our power to help them:) 

This is our investigator, Stephanie:) She is super amazing and progressing wonderfully:) She loves knowing that she is a daughter of God and that He loves her:) 
Its gonna be weird coming home and being considered short again;) 

Well, i love you all so much! I just am loving it out here and I pray for you everyday! Keep strong and always look for the Lords blessings!:) And, if you have an appointment with the missionaries, please BE THERE!;) Haha. Love you!
Hermana Swallow

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