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Mar. 21- Happy Easter!

My Wonderful Family and Friends,
Happy Easter week! I hope that everyone is doing amazing and really reflecting on the importance of this sacred week we about celebrating:) If you have not had the chance you should go and watch the #Hallelujah mormon message the church made for Easter and share on your social media:) Fun fact, the word that they use in Spanish for Easter is 'Pascua' and it actually means the 'Passover' and so that's cool:) 

This is us with a less-active member Hermano Felipe:) AND A HUGE PAPAYA! Papayas are normally a pretty large fruit, but trust me, this papaya is the size of like 4 papayas. I myself don't really like papaya at all, it has an aftertaste of feet, but they love it here. 
Selfie with Hermana Yael, shes a member in our ward who is getting ready to go on a mission herself:) 
This is me in one of those fun pear-chairs with my dog Chikis:) Shes actually the neighbor's dog, but I will find a way for her to come home with me;) I think that my love for dogs and cats has grown so much on the mission because I cant hold small children but I can cuddle small animals, haha. 
In one of the colonias in our area they decided that they are better than the other colonias and blocked off their streets with rocks and stuff. It is a little self-defeating because now they only have one exit and entrance, but whatever. They didnt want to share the park that the government paid to be put in.. You guys already know that my companion has trouble dealing with people who think they are better than others, so she really has trouble respecting the rock walls too, haha. 
This is the Familia Olguin, they normally accompany us for our appointments on Wednesdays:) They are awesome! They also took us out for tacos this Wednesday, too:) I later got really really sick. I should stop eating on the street;) 
(Notice the virgin shrine in the back ground, haha. They be everywhere.)
This is how we feel when it is 95 degrees out, we walk 20 minutes to an appointment on the fourth floor of the building and they are not there. 
Remember the green water in our baptismal font? Well, Hermana Felipe knows how to clean pools so he came to clean the water before the baptism the Elders had this Saturday! It turned out to be a huge process but it is worth it to see the beautiful relatively-clean water:) 
My job was to hold the keep the electric cord out of the water while it drained into the toilet, haha.(It was perfectly safe, Dad...)
The Missionaries of Barrio Insurgentes:) 
Yesterday two of the classiest ladies I have ever met accompanied us for our appointments in the afternoon:) It was magical pretending to be missionaries who have a car, haha. These Hermanas are named Estela and Raquel and know that the church is true.. their testimonies were really powerful:) Plus they know everyone, we had 4 lessons in an hour and a half! 
We were practicing with the 'smile-catcher' feature on my camera while waiting for the washing machine and clothes, IT WORKS!
There is a beautiful lake in Iguala that we found today:) I love this picture but I cant tell if its awkward or beautiful. You decide. 
Thank you Pinterest for the great ideas for companion pictures I found before the mish:) Haha, can you tell whose tag is older??:) 
As always, a jumping picture is a must:) 
This is the awesome family that took us to the Lake:) I couldnt believe that there was nobody there swimming or boating or anything. They were all just washing clothes or dishes.. or bathing.
''But, if Hermana Swallow comes then we have to take a jumping picture..'' %100 percent correct.
This is one of my second-Moms here, Hermana Maripaz:) She is amazing and I love her with all my heart. 
This was a good week, it is getting hotter and sometimes the hardships get a little tougher, but the work of God continues forth boldly, nobly, and independent:) Ready for an awkward Lillie story?;) 

So, humans have to use the bathroom sometimes, it just happens. Missionaries, too, even though we are outside of our house for like 10 hours a day, so we have to use the bathrooms of members, investigators, sometimes even strangers sometimes. This week I had to use the bathroom of an investigator we just started teaching... Well, her bathroom is on the second floor and the livingroom on the first floor. So I was up on the second floor by myself, thought I had sufficient privacy, when I FELL DOWN THE STAIRS. Haha, betcha didnt see that coming, neither did I. I guess she had just cleaned or something so I slipped and down I went, haha. But, I wasnt hurt!:) The angels on my left and right kind-of just guided me down, I think. Their job must be so full, I am always falling and stuff:) When my companion and the hermana came running to find me the first thing I said was ''Que verguenza.'' Which means, ''How embarassing'' Haha. It is my catch-phrase here.

well, I love you all so much, I hope you have an amazing week!:) Remember the real meaning of Easter!:)

Hermana Swallow 

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