Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mar. 7- Another Week Bites the Dust

Dear Family,
It was a good week!:) Not too sweet, not too sour- just a lot of work:) It is actually quite a success that this week turned out to be a good one because Hermana Rodriguez decided to do this soup diet with one of the ladies in our ward to lose some weight. So everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Hermana would feed Hermana Rodriguez this celery/lettuce soup while I got served all the other real food, haha. I tried not to look very happy while eating my tacos and spaghetti and gorditas because I didnt want my companion to hate me;) But she finished her diet strong, and she doesnt hate me too crazy much! A successful week!:) 

One thing that I like doing as a missionary is picking flowers and flattening them to dry for keepsakes:) I especially love this type of flower because it smells good and if you are careful it dries beautifully:) But since Hermana Rodriguez has decided to follow my example she has gone CRAZY. Everytime we pick one of these trees she picks between 5-10 and I hear my mothers voice telling me that if you pick a flower you are killing it. I am sorry for creating a monster, Mom. 
This is one of the wonderful families in our ward, Fam Hernandez:) He is the Young Mens president and she is the Relief Society President:) I feel like leadership roles usually come in couples in our ward-- the Elders Quorum President is husband of the Primary President, too.. and the Young Womens President is wife of the Ward Mission Leader. Interesting. 
We had a Stake Activity where the women in our ward of Insurgentes danced a 'Pioneer Dance' to a folk song:) It was really amazing seeing how even for people outside of the United States who dont have blood pioneer-ancestry still honor and respect those amazing Saints who made it possible for us to have the Gospel in our lives today:) 
This is our Mission Mamita, Hermana Ceci:) I now just call her Mama Ceci:) WELL, she is AMAZING. I told her that for my birthday usually I ask my Mom to make me meatloaf, but that here the meatloaf is a lot different than what my Mom makes and I dont like it as much. So Mama Ceci went online and searched until she found something that was like meatloaf and was from the united states to make me, it  was actually Shepards Pie with mashed potatoes and everything! And it tasted just like the one my Mom makes!! So I was a very happy camper:) So loved!:) 
These are Cecis siblings, they always ask me to take pictures of them, haha. They love my camera.
Sometimes you just work so hard you just die. You literally die in the church pasto.
This is Hermana Maura:) She is amazing, as well! She has two daughters out on missions and she recently got her endowment at the Temple. She is a huge example of stalwart strength to me:) A single Mom with her own laundry business, and a convert to the church:) She bought me this cute clay container:) 
Remember Papa Vincente, the 96 year old convert I took a pic with a couple of weeks ago? Well, today we went to see his actual house where he used to live and it is AWESOME! It was like an apartment complex with more than 60 rooms that he used to rent out. It takes up an entire BLOCK of centro:) But now it is super old and full of weird stuff. It made me think of my Grandpa Fishers house that was an old motel:) 
Papa Vincente used to be a Pilot and served in WWII, these are some of his pictures that he showed me:) He is so cool. And his handshakes are still the strongest ever, they nearly break my hand everytime, haha.
This is Hermano Max, he is Hermana Ceci's Husband:) So, I actually call him Papa Max most of the time:) Papa Vincente is his father. Today he fulfilled one of my childhood dreams and bought me a COCONUT!!! I was so downright excited. The brown hairy part that I am holding is actually what you find inside those large green ones that are behind me:) We got to watch the lady with the machete crack open the cocos to give us the water inside. It was awesome. 
Something that you can buy here in Mexico that they don't sell anymore in the States are Kinder Eggs:) They are chocolate eggs with a toy inside! They are supposed to be for children... but I love them with all my heart, too. For my birthday Ceci and Max gave me a whole BOX of kinder eggs that were full of Frozen toys:) I have now found every character and I love it:):)
Well, I love you all very much:) We are seeing some amazing things happening our here in Insurgentes, Iguala:) I love it here. If my skin would just get darker people would actually believe me when I say that I am from here because they can already tell I love it like home:) 
Love you!!
Hermana Swallow

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