Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 14- I love the Lord:)

My Dear and Loving Family,
How are we doing?:) I am doing good. Life here in Mexico is amazing and I love being a missionary:) 

Me and Hermana Rodriguez showing some Area pride at the Zone Conference:) Fun fact, I bought that skirt at the market last week for 60 pesos! (like 4 dollars- NEW!)
The best part of the week was that it RAINED!! It was so beautiful. It is so hot here, so it is AMAZING when it rains because we can breathe;)  Plus I love taking advantage of getting to use my rain coat:):)
My companion was a little embarassed to be seen with me splashing around in puddles all morning, but she dealt with it;) She kept calling me her 'little chicken' 
I kept my bag with my scriptures and stuff under the rain coat to protect them and realized I looked like Cinderellas step sisters with their big butts;) Haha. 
Sheldon I have found the three-tined fork. I mean, trident. ;) 
Also- look at the amount of Enchiladas the Hermana gave me to eat. I nearly died. I literally played for the Lord to give me two stomachs. Miracles happen;)
HAHAH, sometimes Hermana Rodriguez just cant handle it when people give us false directions or pretend not to be home. She is a lot more suspicious of people than I am, it cracks me up. I will have a normal conversation with someone and believe them when they tell me that they dont have a phone number for me to contact them with and then as we walk away Hermana Rodriguez will be like ''I looked in their purse while you were talking to them. They have a cell phone.'' HAHA, I love it. 
They had a stake dance last week for the married couples and the next day the balloon arch was still up.. so I took a model pic;) 
I am getting pretty good at up-dos if I do say so myself:) I refuse to spend too much time straightening or curling my hair if it is just going up in a pony or messy-bun by noon, so I have been teaching myself how to spend time making pretty buns;) 

A selfie for good measure;) ''Eh, guerita, guerita!''- Says every Mexican in the street. 
About 3 days ago I woke up and I had like thousand tiny blisters covering my lips.. no idea why. Its not sunburn and they are not cold sores, they are just tiny blisters. (someone do a quick google search;)).. But I am so blessed because a couple weeks ago I got my birthday package from my Mommy and she included a little tupper of vaseline and I thought ''Why did she send me this random vaseline?'' and this week with my burning lips I have been like ''Vaseline is my best friend on earth.'';) THANKS MOM!:)

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week:) To close I would like to include a little tid-bit of personal study from the Book of Mormon:) We all know the story of Nephi and his brothers when they go back to get the plates, right?:) (1 Nephi 3-4) I love this story because when we share it with investigators they are like ''This is so interesting! I will go and do just like Nephi!'' :) But I have discovered something while reading and studying this story that I never realized before the mish and I am going to share it with everyone to make sure no one else is confused about this like I was... In the part where Laban is drunken and laying and the ground and Nephi is commanded to kill him the Lord tells Nephi that he needs to kill Laban because it is ''better for one man to perish than for an entire nation to dwindle and perish in unbelief''. I dont know about you, but my whole childhood life I thought that the Lord was saying that Nephi needed to kill Laban because Laban was like a wicked King or something and that the people of Jerusalem would dwindle in unbelief if he wasnt killed. this is FALSE. The people of Jerusalem were already wicked and fallen- they had rejected the prophets! The Lord was talking about Nephi's future children, the nation that was going to grow in the Americas! He was telling Nephi that to get the plates (the scriptures) was SO IMPORTANT that he needed to kill Laban because if Nephi didnt get those plates (scriptures) his entire nation and children would dwindle and perish in unbelief without the word of the Lord. Just look at what happened to the Mulekites. The scriptures are THAT IMPORTANT. Are we making them that much of an important part in our lives?:) 
I love the Lord, I love his scriptures, and I love being a missionary:) I LOVE ALL OF YOU!

Love, Hermana Swallow

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