Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 11- Email Time!!

My WONDERFUL Family:) 
This week has been crazy-sauce:) I had serious changes. 1-I am now in a different state here in Mexico, the state of Guerrero. Its still Mexico, but there are still some cultural differences that have thrown me a bit;) 2- I am OPENING an area. Normally with changes you arrive to an area that is new to you, but the companion there that receives you already knows the area. They know who is being taught, what transportation to take, where you live, the basics. To Open an area means that neither you nor your companion have ever been there before so you are basically starting from scratch and getting lost everywhere;) and 3- I AM GOING TO TRAIN! What?! Next Monday I am going to recieve a brand new missionary (I dont know if she will be American or Latina) and I am going to train her :) Now do you understand why my week has been crazy-sauce?;) 
Now, for the foto train:) 

Me, Hermana Percastegui, and Hermana Lizano chilling in the back of a comvie:) 

My lovely district in Cuautla after our last district meeting before they kicked us all out of Cuautla:)
 I apologize for my crazy eyes in this picture, but I was really tired and I LOVE tacos al pastor:) 

This is me drinking a Coke from a glas bottle- the classy way;) Everyone drinks soda here. And every soda is Coke. 
 These are Eluterio and Maria, they will be baptized in Cocoyoc in a few weeks and I am so excited for them. I wont be there, but I am grateful for the time I had to teach and get to know them:) 
 This is another family in Cocoyoc, so loving and fun:) Hermana Marcela, the Mom, always gives me like 3 glasses of juice. I used to like juice. Now I dont. But I still love her;) 
This is a bunch of us sisters from the Zones that got switched to the Mexico, Chalco mission:)  
These are the two new missionaries that are going to be in Cocoyoc! We had the opportunity of teaching them a bit of the area in an afternoon we were together:) The one with the super curly hair is from Brazil! So crazy, she is the first person I have ever met inthe mish that is learning Spanish from a language other than English;) 
This is me and Hermana Smith on the bus that took us away from Cuautla:) She was with me in the CCM, and we have stayed pretty close all through the mission:) But now she is in Cuernavaca and I am here in Guerrero.
This is Hermana Miranda, she is my companion for this week as we wait for our new companions:) We are both going to train, we are both going to open areas, and we are both new here in Guerrero:) She is AMAZING and I am learning so much from her, en serio:) 

Our new house and our new ward are AMAZING! I have been so welcomed here, but something that is a little funny is that we dont have a sink, haha. I thought it would be a nice culture lesson for you-alls;) This is literally a tank of water that we use and this concrete wash-area where we can wash dishes and our clothes. 

About a week ago I was praying and chatting with my Heavenly Father and was thanking Him for some of the trials and challenges I have had here on the mission, because I can really see how they've helped me. I told Him that if I was ready, I would like some more Mountains to climb. And now I am here :) I know that everything is according to His will, and I am so excited for this new adventure here:) Prayers are welcome, and I feel your love and support:) 
Keep looking for the joy and opportunities in every adventure! I love you!:)
Hermana Swallow

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