Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 25- What a Week!!

My Dear Family and Loved Ones,

¿Que tal? How was your week? I hope it was wonderful and full of blessings!:) To start things off, I am with my TRAINEE!:) Her name is Hermana Rodriguez, she is from Tijuana, Mexico, and she is 23 years old. Whaaat? Yes, I am supposedly training someone who is 4 years older than me;) Haha, I was a little nervous when we first started, but she is super awesome and we have had a good week together. I am learning SO MUCH from her, I feel like I have never worked as hard or seen as many miracles as happened this week:) It is amazing!

 This is me and two of the other Hermanas who are training in our Zone:) We were in a trio a couple of days before our trainees came, they are named Hermana Miranda and Hermana Lopez:) 
 How many missionaries can you fit in a taxi?;) We have now hit 6, it is actually a pretty normal number for poor missionaries:) But the taxista always tries to charge us more because the 'weight' affects his car more. I am getting better and better at calling them on their robbing;) 
 This was my beautiful companion Hermana Miranda, I just had to take a picture. She looked so serene. ('Shes the Man';)) 

 Me and Hermana Rodriquez chilling in front of a house, everyone uses these chair thingies here. They are like metal pear-shaped frames with stretchy plastic weaved through to make a super comf chair. 

 I have discovered that I have a fear of things I have to eat that still have their eyes. It is just not okay. I ate shrimp like that on Friday and these lobster thingy things yesterday. I have the hardest time not making faces and figuring out how to eat them, haha. 
 I told you before that Iguala is the ''Cuna de la Bandera'' it is where the national flag of Mexico was born-created. It is also home to one of the largest (or possibly THE largest) flags on earth. Today we went up the hill this famous flag is on and saw it up-close. And it is GINORMOUS. GRANDOTA. HUGE. And beautiful:) 
So you can appreciate its size better, I am standing right next to it in this foto, that little stick-thing at the base beside it;) It weighs more than 250kilos, which is like.. 500 pounds? JUST THE FABRIC!

This is the group of us that went, minus the adults:) a family in our ward took us with the Elders and it was really great! 

My traditional (possibly cliche) jumping pic. I am getting so good at these, haha. 

Well, I love you all so much. I miss you like crazy, but I love being here in Mexico, too:) It is my home and I love the people here. I have now taken to telling the people I am from ''Casas Grandes, Chihuahua'' and half of the time the actually believe me:) Have an amazing week, and remember that this is a work and a wonder:) Are you taking part?:) 

Hermana Swallow

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