Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jan. 18- First Week in Iguala

My Wonderful Family and Friends,
How are you all doing?:) I pray that you are well and staying awesome!
My first week in this new area was pretty.. uneventful:) We had a bunch of trainings and conferences this week and because my area is a little farther away it takes a lot of time to do all the traveling and stuff. So, unfortunately, we didnt have the chance to do a lot of actual missionary work but it was good, too, to learn from our leaders and be prepared to work even better with the time we will have this week for sure!:) 
I still dont know who my new companion is that I am going to train, I will meet her today in the afternoon:) But, I don know that she is Mexican:) I am excited for this new adventure, and I know everything is going to be great!

There seems to be a lot of mosquitos out here in Guerrero so we got this cool new mosquito nets for our beds! I was really excited and happy to have a princess bed when we got them.. but then I started having dreams about getting caught in giant spider webs. 
 One weird tradition thing in the mission is cutting missionaries ties when they are about to go home:) This is Elder Montier, he was my first ever District Leader! His Dad actually lives in Tremonton and he is going to visit him soon, so if you see this guy walking around without friends in Tremonton... talk to him. Haha
 Hermana Miranda, my companion for this week:) 
In the super fresa buses we have to take they have to put your name in to save your seat and one of the tickets they gave me put my name as Elder Swallow, haha. I was pretty stoked.
We had a pijamada (sleep over) one of the nights of traveling with a bunch of sister missionaries:) The next morning I woke up at 5 to play soccer, because I am Mexican now, and I MADE A GOAL! My first ever goal, people!

a side-note on this pic: I hate taking pictures when i am the only white girl. The flash just drowns me out and I look even more white. #mylife
Me and Hermana Bessey:) We were facebook friends before and started the mission together and now she is going to train with me, too!:) 
I guess the city of Iguala is super famous because the first Mexican Flag was created here, so there is this hill with a HUGE flag on it, but it looks tiny in my picture. 
Here is a better picture of the flag:) #MexicanPride

The family that we live right next to is called Familia Lopez Ramos. They are AMAZING. I have never had members take such good care of me before. They are always giving us food, rides, blankets.. you name it. I will never be able to pay them back, but I am going to keep trying:) 
Well, I hope you all have an amazing week! Keep praying for missionary opportunities. The members are the real missionaries- show the Lord you are grateful for the blessing of the Gospel in your life by sharing it with someone you care about:) 
I love you!
Hermana Swallow

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