Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 16- I believe in Miracles!

My dear Family, 
It was a great week! I have learned so much and been grateful for the blessings of the Lord in my life:)

We had a fun service opportunity of cleaning the baptismal font this week. It was really cool because the member who knows how to clean the font is a less-active member and so when we asked him to help us with the font, well it got him back in the church building for something;) And now we are teaching his children who are not members of the church:)
Why were we cleaning the font, you ask?:) BECAUSE CECLIA GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was a wonderful, wonderful experience:) Also,look at that beautiful clear water, am I right?:) 
As always, the jumping foto, haha. 
I have grown to love Ceclia so much in the time that I have been blessed to be here in Iguala. She is truly an amazing daughter of God:) She told us back in January that she wanted to get baptized, and we have been working hard ever since. There have been ups and there have been some really low-lows, but the Lord knows exactly what He is doing:) I am so grateful for the opportunity to know her and to have been able to witness this change that has happened in her life. She is truly a different person:) THAT is the power of the Atonement. 
Me and Hermana Rodriguez worked with Cecilia alot before Hna Rodriguez got changd to another area, so we had to do some picture magic to get her to the baptism;) 
The only reason that Cecilia really progressed and kept moving forward is because one of her best friends is a member of the Church. So when things got hard and she told us she didnt want to meet with us anymore, she still had a friend and a connection to the church. She still had an example and a support that helped her come back again:) THAT is the power of members in missionary work! 
After her baptism even the Heavens showed their approval:) 
We went on divisions this week with our new Sister Training Leaders:) They are really great! They both are in my generation:) Hermana Lopez is from Tijuana and Hermana Aquino is the daughter of Paraguayans but was raised in Argentina:) She is really funny and her accent is hilarious;)
While on divisions I met Hermana Garcia, the 'daughter' or trainee of Hermana Johnson (my companion a while back). She started her mission in the same area that I started my mission- she actually took my place when I was changed:) It was fun talking to her and hearing about my investigators back in Galeana:) 
I just really love having a companion that does my hair forme... Hermana muñoz is the best. I call this the Princess bun:) 
Anyways, I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all and i pray for you down here in Mexico:) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! 
Love, Hermana Swallow

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