Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 2- NEW address:)

MY wonderful family:) 
I hope you had another great week, I sure did down here in Insurgentes Sion :) (Zion Insurgentes:)) Things are going really great and I love being a missionary! To start off before I forget, there is now an address change for the mission office where you send letters and packages. Now, if your heart so desires, you will need to send them to this address:
Misión México Cuernavaca
Calle Francisco Leyva #109
Colonia Miguel Hidalgo
Cuernavaca, Morelos 62040

So, that's that:) Now with the pictures and stories! So, our ward is basically the best ward in the whole world. Faaaaact. And when we are hungry they are always willing to bring us tacos!! Tacos are basically my favorite thing ever. And now that we are three they just brought us like a mountain of them on Tuesday:) 
This is me with our investigator Guisela and her daughter Getsemani. Getsa is special needs, and SUPER proactive:) Haha, it is equal parts stressful and entertaining when we teach Hna. Guisela because I am always the one who tries to keep Getsa entertained while she tries to take off my clothes and sit on my laps and go through my bag and books:) I love it. 
We also went to this fancy pizza restaurant with Family Olguin who like to spoil us:) Fact: I love pizza with spicy green salsa. 
Another member forgot that she was going to feed us one day so she sent us to a Pozole restaurant, so that was sweet. Pozole is another favorite of mine:) It is made with pork and large corn pieces and deliciousness. 
Haha, we found out that the timing of a jumping picture for a regular companionship of two is hard, but with three it  is even harder hahaah..
But we got it down:) 
We have made some nice strides with companionship unity this week, it is pretty fun being with Hermana Muñoz and Hermana Albiña:) Its more like we are sisters than companions.. with all three beds squished into the bedroom and sharing everything we're basically like the 12 dancing princesses:)
Also they normally sell popsicles here at ''tres por diez'' three popsicles for 10 pesos, so we are taking advantage of that;) 
This is Hermana Yeni (Jenny) :) She is the bishops wife and another one of our moms. She is the best!! Bishop was a bit rebellious when the missionaries first came to teach them, but Yeni was baptized and faithful in the church for two years, even received her endowment, before Bishop finally converted:) And now they are living happily ever after-- that is how the Gospel WORKS!
So, yeah, it is pretty amazing being a missionary:) I honestly love it so much. I had a small miracle this week, too:) As missionaries we use a Daily Planner. Daily planner = Your Life. Literally;) You write everything in your planner, you cover your planner with pictures and every 6 weeks you get a new planner to love. Well, last Saturday I LOST MY PLANNER! It felt like I lost my arm. All the phone numbers and lessons planned and everything were just gone. My companions are new in the area and they weren't really taking good notes about the appointments and contacts and stuff. So I prayed that the Lord would protect and help me find my planner:) AND HE DID! On Tuesday it was safely back in my hands. I guess I left it on a comvie or it fell in the street or something and then someone found it and saw a picture of me and my girl Kat ( I love you Sister Sanders!) that I had put in it and recognized me as one of the Mormon missionaries they have seen walking around:) So they gave it to their nearest Mormon neighbor and that member gave it to me:) Can you say MIRACLE!:) Now we will see if that person who found my planner wants to find Christ as well:):)
Keep looking up and praying for missionary opportunities! I love you all!
Hermana Swallow

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