Sunday, June 19, 2016

June 13- Adventures of Sualita and Guadalupek

My wonderful Family!
Missionary Life is going so great here in Cuernavaca, Hermana Veylupek and I are having so much fun and seeing the miracles of diligent service:) It is so fun being with an American... they just ''get you'':) Haha. It is also so funny how flipped out the people get when they cant figure out our names. So normally instead of Swallow they call me Swalita and instead of Veylupek they call her Lupe or Guadalupe :) 

I also saw a long-lost companion I hadn't seen in like 7 months... HERMANA JOHNSON! I have missed her, we were together for one change back in November and I haven't seen her desde entonces, so it was really good seeing her:) She is now a Sister Training Leader! 
My companion and I have had so much fun when this picture.. .haha, we have decided you can use it to explain what a DUFF is, hahahaaa. 
Instead of gummy bears and gummy worms they sell these pandas and gummy teeth, haha.
We went on Divisions this week to make some visits and I went with a ward member named Sherem. I feel like she looks just like my wonderful cousin Daezia (love ya, Daez!) 
This is our cool ward mission leader, Hermano Jorge and one of the recent converts in our branch, Lucia:) She makes crepes, we were pretty excited.  
There is also this one part of the area that they call ''bosques de cuernavaca'' or forests of cuernavaca. It had been a while since I had seen pine trees:) 
I was impressed with how many power lines were in this street. And then I thought it was weird that there were shoes on the line.. I might ask if that is like a culture thing because there are usually shoes on the power lines:) 
This morning was pretty... interesting, haha. Yesterday the hermana who gave us lunch told us that it was going to be a ''left-overs'' day and we ate happily. Sometime in the night though our bodies decided they didn't like something. ''Happy P-day Harry.'' '' Happy P-day, Ron.'' 
Well, I love you all so so much! Take time to see the blessings of the Lord in your life. A goal I made this week was to seek how I could put first the kingdom of God, because it was something I learned from a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday. My challenge for you all is to really listen to the talks this coming Sunday and make a personal goal- Sacrament meeting is an amazing opportunity for the Spirit to help us know ''What Lack I yet?'' 

Hermana Swallow

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