Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 30- NEW Area

My Dear Family,
Yes, it is true. I was so happy in Iguala, but I had been there for almost 5 months. Hermana Muñoz was called to be a trainer (I must be really good at training pre-trainers she is my third companion that gets called while with me;) and now I am actually in Cuernavaca! It is weird because I am really close to the offices and in the city and this is the first time in my whole time in the ''Mexico Cuernavaca Mission'' that I am actually in Cuernavaca, haha. It should be a great new adventure:)

This week actually started with a trip to the eye-doctor for Hermana Muñoz because she had an eye infection and was told she needed 2-3 days of rest in the house. I will be honest, at first I thought ''Sweet, I could use a rest.'' but then I thought ''Nah, I am here to WORK!'' so I started calling all the members to arrange for sisters to accompany me to still do our visitas! These are a few pictures I took with some of my part-time companions;)

Hermana Rosi, Young Women's President .. haha, she really doesn't like me that much because she thinks I am too soft (she really liked Hna Rodriguez) but she always supports missionary work:) 
Marifer, a young woman who recently turned 16:) She is really great, this was her first time accompanying missionaries and she bore a really powerful testimony on the power of prayer.

Dianery- another young woman who is 16 years old:) At first she didnt like me that much but then I was able to help her one day when she was having drama with her friends and now we are best of friends:) 

Hermana Ceci is actually our neighbor, she is who stayed with Hermana Muñoz everyday so I could get out to work:) She let me use this shirt of hers that I always complimented:) 

Hermana Juanita- she is really great:) I think she might be in her 70s so we had to walk really slow but her testimony of the Plan of Salvation helped our investigator know of Gods love for her:)
While Hermana Muñoz was in her training to be a trainer meeting I saw my own trainer who I havent seen in 5 months! She is finishing her mission in July so it was good to see her again for what might be the last time before she heads home!
This week I ate octopus for the first time ever! It was actually pretty delicious when you get past the weird feeling of the suckers. 
We were having a bad day, so we said a prayer and hugged a tree:) Things did indeed get better!

A few of my cool investigators Elizabeth and her brother Felipe.. they are 19-20 and are both studying in college and Elizabeth is actually really close to her baptismal date, she is just looking for a really specific answer to know this church is true:) 

The Bishop took us out to eat one night with his family, we ate something called a 'gringa' which I thought was ironic;) It was like a quesadilla with meat in it
There was like a hurricane or something on Saturday night- the wind was crazy strong! It kinda freaked us out, but we stayed calm;) While we were saying our nightly prayers we heard this HUGE crash ''inthenameofJesusChristamen'' and ran to the window to see that this huge tree had fallen 10 feet in front of the house! The good news is that we were blessed with safety:) The  bad news is that it was a mango tree, and mangos are delicious. 
Our house is the one with orange half-bottom, haha. I had to be super careful taking thes pics because the tree also took down the power lines.
It was really hard saying goodbye to my ward.. I love them all so much. Here are a few pictures of Sunday with some members-investigators:) 
This is Roxanna, she should be getting baptized in 2 weeks:) 
Hermana Amsi and her family, they are a large family with 5 daughters. Hermana Amsi is super loving and patient and helps us missionaries a lot:) 

This is the Hernandez Family, they are all so sweet!

Cecilia, my latest recent convert. It was hard telling her goodbye, but she told me that she knows there are more people that need me... I will miss her so much. 
The Elders in our ward this change with us were elder Colton and Elder Ruiz
One member named Miguel Robles loves playing piano and singing. Remember the little girl, Dulce, that got baptized a little bit ago?:) Well, she is his niece! So he and I sang at the baptism and he wanted to record the song to have, so yesterday I got to play with his fancy recording equipment and feel like a cool kid. 

This is Miguel (blue) and his brother Gid (black)  :) 
The bishop and his family (Sanchez Family)came to say goodbye to me last night. Not going to lie-- I cried. I love their ward sooo much. He has definitely been my favorite bishop. There is a part in Preach my Gospel that says that we should make sure we are a blesing and not a burden on the Bishop, so one day I was joking with the Bishop and I asked if I was a blessing or a burden and read him the part of Preach my Gospel:) He said I was both things but then every time since then that hes looking for me he says ''Donde esta mi bendicion?'' (Where is my blessing?) :) 
But now... .I am in my new area in Cuernavaca. I am with Hermana Veylupek from California who ends her mission in 3 months:) We actually are in a branch (my first time in a branch!) and I am excited to learn a lot and have new fun experiences:) 
I love you all, have an amazing week!!
Hermana Swallow

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