Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 6- Lovin' Bello Horizonte!

Things are going great here in the new area! I thought it was going to be really hard to switch but I am falling in love with this new place and these wonderful people! PLUS it is so much cooler here, haha. It is alway overcast or drizzling and I have actually been 'cold' a few times this week, I thought I forgot what that word meant while I was in Iguala;) 

Sometimes I forget what things are so different in my house. Like, in Utah I don't have any neighbors that just offer bananas and then take them off their own tree to share with us, haha. 
You see what I am wearing in this picture? Its a jacket. Its just a thin rain jacket, but I was stil so excited to be cold enough to want a jacket :D Also, this is the first area I have ever had that has 'subidas' (hills) so for a few days my shins were killing me,but now I just like charging up them. Especially when I had to carry our 20L garrafon of water up the hill to our house. #beastmode
Its basically been like a Hallmark movie with Hermana Veylupek, we just are having so much fun speaking English when we are in the house:) 
Me and Hna Veylupek in one of the 'glorietas' (roundabouts) of our area. It is SO different from my last area. It is all paved streets and alleys and like 5 roundabouts. I was super confused but then I printed out a map and between my map skills and hermana Velupeks month here,we havent got lost too bad:) 
One day we offered to help a lady carry her grocery bags home and we had to cross this sketch make-shift bridge across the freeway and then she ended up living in another missionaries area so we just had to pass the referral after walking across the bridge that my father would never approve of.
This is a cute gumball machine but the gumball comes down and then you have to use the fooseball kicker person to kick the gumball up to make the goal and THEN you get your gumball... I couldnt make a goal :( 
This is our miracle for the week, Amalia:) We found her while we were on the street. We were talking with her brother when she came out of the next door house to see what was up. So we started chatting with her and then she mentioned shes getting married in August. I said ''Can we see a picture of your fiance?'' and she just LIT UP, grabbed our hands, and practically ran us to her house to show their pics:) She came to church yesterday and is now learning about the restored gospel:) 
People cant really get over the fact that Hermana Veylupek and I are together. One g├╝era was hard enough to get used to, but TWO in the street!? Haha. I lie alot and say I am from Chihuahua:) Plus its weird because there are only like 7 american sisters in all of the 300 missionaries here.. and we are together :D
Our branch actually meets in a cute house we rent and the baptismal font is the pool out front:) 
This is me and Dalilah, she is a cute 9 year old in the branch:) She is actually from Texas but her parents sent her to be with her grandparents for a year to learn Spanish in Mexico. She speaks better than I ever will and she has only been here like 8 months. 
We found this HUGE butterfly outside:) Everyone was selfy-ing with it. 
This is actually a candid shot haha...I was freaked out at first :P

So, I am doing really good here in Bello Horizonte! I am loving the people and we are seeing miracles in the area:) Hope everyone is having a fun summer! love you!

Hermana Swallow

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