Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 20- Missionary Work = Love

My Dear Family,

Man I love and miss you guys!:) But I am having a wonderful time out here in beautiful Cuernavaca!:) We are seeing some great progress with our area and I am having a lot of fun with Hermana Veylupek:) 

We are teaching this one nice lady named Cointa who is cute and sells used clothes, so sometimes she has to tend to her customers while we are there:) It is pretty funny though, almost every person that passes and sees her talking to us gives a rude look to her and they usually ask to talk to her for a second and then she comes back and says they reminded her about how she is Catholic and shouldn't listen to us. But she is so amazing and tells them that she knows our message is from God:)
There was some sunshine and clear air in the sky the other day and I realized how much closer we are now to the Volcano Popocatepetl!:) 
This week was pretty cool, I got to go to the Migra to renew my visa because I have been in Mexico for almost a year now:) It felt awesome. I went with two other sisters that started at the same time as me, Hermana Smith and Hermana Dent. They are both super funny and great:) They've each lost between 30-50 pounds while being here while I... have gotten a little fluffier;) What can I say, I have a special place in my heart for tacos;) 
It rains here so much and I LOVE IT!:) But I did get a cold this week... #sorrynotsorry
We did another cool activity helping out one of the other wards in our zone make visits with their less active members on Saturday, and this was our guide, her name is Hermana Medina:) She is so funny and direct. She wanted to talk to everyone:) She is actually a US citizen- she passed that super hard test! But they are choosing to live in Mexico now because there home is here:) 

My companion told me she felt something in her hair and then I saw this ginormous thing crawling in it! I was so flipped but I saved her life and got it out, haha. It is probably the size of a quarter.

We are teaching this super awesome new family that are progressing great and came to church for the first time this Sunday:) This is Dani, she is 3 and loves Dora, whom she calls Lola:)
These are all the kids the family, Erick (the brother) is 9 and preparing for baptism. He is so smart and always reads his book of mormon:) 
The other day I decided to be a.. genius.. and accidentally broke our house;) We live on the second floor and when we walked out to the patio to leave we noticed that it had like an inch or two of water because the drain hole had got clogged. So I grabbed the broom right next to it and just put the wood part down in the hole... with maybe a little bit of force;) And accidentally broke the pipe thing that the water ran through so now there is just a hole that goes straight down, haha.. Our dueƱa says she doesn't know how much it will cost but that it was already brokenish before, so we will see how much I have to pay. Haha, just keeping things interesting. #theGringaStrikesAgain

editor's note---( Lillie never ended this letter, so I will leave it as she did:)

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