Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 11- What a WEEK!

My dear Family, 
WELL. This has been the fastest/longest week of my life. Life has never been so stressful or as exciting as a missionary:) But I am so happy! As an hermana capacitadora I am still a normal missionary, but now my companion and I have divisiones (one-day and one-night visits) with about 6-7 other sister companionships in our area. We have to call them to make sure that they are doing okay emotionally and we have to inform their district leaders and president on how we can help them. Basically the same thing as a normal missionary but now I have to try to be the best example possible:) 
I had my first 'consejo de liderazgo' with the other 5 sister training leaders in the mission and the zone leaders of the mission on Monday and it was really interesting! I learned so much and then afterwards they treated us to an American barbecue (almost;)) to celebrate the fourth of July:) 
This is me and my new Companion, Hermana Lopez :) She is awesome, a convert of about 5 years. She is from Tijuana, Mexico and speaks pretty good English:) We started in the field together (I was just in the CCM a month longer) so we have already been good friends:) I am excited to be with her:) 
I am in a new area, Alpuyeca (actually, we are working in three areas currently that dont have other missionaries) but it is the area right next to the first area I ever had so that is pretty funny:) My very first day in the new area we had to do divisiones with some hermanas and that was crazy! But it went good and I had a nice map to help us;) This is me and Hermana Robles she is from Tamaulipas, Mexico:) We had a pretty crazy experience but I don't have time to tell it.. maybe next week;) 

This is Hermana Payhua, Hermana Robles companion:) She is really nice and just got called to be a trainer! I know she will do a great job! She is from Lima, Peru!:) And shes climbed Machu Pichu, so thats pretty cool:) 
First successful divisiones!
The next divisiones we did were a little different because we went to the area of the other hermanas to help them find some new investigators to teach:) I went out with Hermana Gonzalez and learned that their area is awesome! But sso so super steep. That mountain that you see in the background just KEEPS going steeply up and that is their entire area, haha. 
I am in another Rama (Branch) and I love the members here, they are super amazing. So far my best friend is this little girl, Michelle:) She always hugs me when she sees us in the street and has helped me stay happy this week with all the changes happening:) 
We had a cool activity at the church, it was learning how to make donuts:) People were supposed to invite their non-member friends to come so that we could receive referrals, but no investigators came :( But I did learn how to sugar the donuts;)
Well, I am sorry that I don't have a lot of time to tell all the stories for the week, but I am doing good! Thank you for all the prayers and love! I will keep on keeping on and I am sure that I will get into the flow soon enough:) I love you all!

Hermana Swallow

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