Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 25- Hey Guys........ :)

Dear Family,
It was another great week! We were able to see some awesome blessings and miracles as we acted with faith and diligence!:) I am loving seeing the area pick up and learn more about my new assignment and my new companion:) 

We went on divisions right off the bat to start the week, there was a companionship having a few difficulties. So, this is me and Hermana Mejia:) She is a REALLY hardworking missionary. She is from El Salvador:) 
This is her companion, Hermana Saldaña. Hermana Saldaña is really special to me because she is always asking me how I am and supporting me. She is 32 and from the Dominican Republic! She had a lot of challenges while getting ready to go on her mission- she had been filling out her papers for 5 years! One time on the way to an interview or something she got ran over by a truck. But she knew the Lord wanted her to serve and that Satan was trying to stop her:) She is a huge example for me. 
This is a huge horse that the Familia Bocanegra Cosme have in their yard, haha. One day while leaving the lesson this week I was waving to him and he came up to me really fast and scared me so I stepped back and fell into that huge hole behind me in the picture, haha. #mylife

These are two of the cuties that live next to us here in Alpuyeca. There family take good care of us, and they also like to practice carrying me around like a princess, haha. Their names are Camoy and Alison:) 
This is me and my real companion, Hermana Lopez:) She is so fun to be with, I am learning so much from her. Sometimes life is hard and the sun is hot, but we try to stay happy;) She just completed a year in the mission, so it was fun celebrating that with her!
The pants made another showing this week as the bug bites started piling up, haha. We felt a lot less awkward this time, its actually pretty fun getting to run around in them.. but it is a lot hotter without a skirt to let air flow come through, haha. Pobre Elderes;) 
This is me with my sombrero and one of the pretty places in our area- I Loooove all the naturaleza:) 
This is Benjamin, he is part of the Familia Bocanegra Cosme that I mentioned above:) He is ten years old and special needs, he is really special to me:) He loves Dinosaurs, Crocodiles, and Iguanas. Haha, he wanted to take a picture with us, but only if the dinosaur, crocodile, and iguana could be in it, too:) 
Me and my beautiful companion:) We are seeing some great things happen in our area and it has sure been awesome to pass through it together:) she is really funny and laughs and my silliness, haha, she says that I act like the guys on ''White Chicks''. I was like.. ''so you're saying that I act like a black guy who is acting like a white girl?'' and she was like ''Yes.'' ... ''Well, thank you.'' Hahaha
I love you all so much, and I hope you have a good week! Keep looking up and seeking Heaven's blessings!:) Remember that sometimes God wants to bless us but He is waiting for us to ASK and for us to LIVE WORTHY to receive those blessings:) Love you!

Hermana Swallow

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