Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 4- Happy Fourth of July!

Dear Friends and Family,
It has been a great week! I apologize in advance for writing so much earlier than usual and not being able to write anyone back today, I have very little time. I was called yesterday and told that I have Special Changes and that I have been called to be a Sister Training Leader!

(They are sister missionaries who help the other sister missionaries and go on divisiones with them for training and stuff). I am excited and looking forward to this new opportunity to learn! But we are running short on time because I will meet my new companion and get to my new area today and tomorrow. I am just going to send this weekly email with the pics and I hope everyone is doing amazing! 

So we recently got new information that the sisters in the mission now have permission to wear business pants and long skirts to help protect us from the mosquitos and mosquito-transmittable diseases during the rainy season here in Mexico:) So, they are taking all of the sisters of the mission to buy them a few new skirts and a pair of pants. It was really fun and I was able to see my trainer (my 'Mom') Hermana Garcia, My trainee (my 'Hija') Hermana Rodriguez, and the trainee of my trainee (my 'granddaughter') Hermana Oyerbayas :) It was really awesome being all together, since Hermana Garcia is finishing her mission next week!
We had to spend the night in the house of some of the sisters in our district because it was too late to go back to our area after the district meeting this week. We were just waiting and waiting for the bus to pass and after 30 minutes I said ''What if we say a prayer?'' so they all huddled around me and I said a prayer that the bus would pass so we could go home and NO JOKE the next bus that passed was the one we needed :) MIRACLE!
We found this really happy tree when we were house-searching this week (they want us to change houses)
This random man had a boa on the street this week and I asked to hold it. My companion was freaking out about if he had a permit and if the animal was trained. I was just like ''YOLO.''
It always rains here but this week we had a pretty strong storm that knocked our power out all night, so we had to plan in the dark. Good thing that we are Eagle Scouts #beprepared and had our flashlights:) 

This seemed like a safe railing to lean against. (I love you Safety Director, Dad!)
We had some extra time waiting for the Elders to come and eat one day at a members house so I played with the Playdough with Dalilah the daughter and I made a sister missionary:) 
They eat a lot of 'nopal' here which is cactus:) You just have to be careful to cut all of the spines off before you eat it:) I know how now!
This our investigator's daughter, Abril:) She is always happy!
It was hard saying goodbye to everyone in our beautiful little Branch, especially because I feel like I just got here, but I will always remember them!
This is Lucia, she is a recent convert but had stopped coming to church for the last 4 months, she finally came again yesterday because other than the missionaries a member of the ward went to visit her. Visiting teaching WORKS!
These are our neighbors who live beneath us, they are always less-active members. But their daughter Dani wants to be baptized so we will keep working with them to help her achieve that goal and NEVER FALL AWAY!
This is me and Hermana Juanita, she is the saintliest woman I think I have ever met. She literally never complains and always is willing to serve. She will always come with us to do visits and she goes and visits the investigators later just to check on them. She lives by herself but she always finds time to make food and give it to other people. I want to be like her when I grow up- a woman of much faith and a real conversion:)

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I am sorry that I didnt have that much time today, but things have been pretty crazy lately:) Wish me luck in my new calling, I will let you know who my new companion is and where my new area is at:) I love you all!

Hermana Swallow

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