Monday, August 3, 2015

July 16, 2015- Package JOY!!!

Here is the pic of me and my second package that apparently was from the kids! I am so grateful  and loved! I loved your letter with everyones  messages, haha. Mitch- your section about the awkward moment when you get a package and your comp didnt made me LAUGH OUT LOUD! It was so true. My comps were so fed up that they hadnt gotten anything, hahaha. I am so grateful, and definetly shared with them! I love you!

PS- the reason im in gym clothes in the pics is because we can only take pics in our casa other than pday and we only go to our casa during the day to change into gym clothes! Love you!

Thank you and Dad and the family SOO MUCH for the letters and packages!! I am so grateful and full of love! I took pictures so you could see what they looked like and how happy I was! I got one package on Monday and then the letters and the other package on Tuesday! I seriously love you guys so much and am so grateful!

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