Monday, August 3, 2015

July 30, 2015- Last Days at the CCM!

Mi Querida Familia,
In 3 days I will be leaving the CCM. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill! 
I am SO excited! And extremely frightened. But, que sera, sera! I feel like I am not ready and I need to know more Spanish and Gospel stuff... but I definitely don't want to stay here at the CCM any longer, haha. I am ready to learn what it is like to be a real missionary!
So, this week something pretty crazy happened at the CCM. I like to call it 'La Gran Epidemia del CCM.' Or, the 'separating the wheat from the tares.' you know what I mean?;) Haha, but seriously, there was this crazy virus that came through and hit every district. It was like the last days up in here. You'd be talking to a friend in the morning only to find them stricken by lunchtime. Life at the CCM was like a battlefield. I carried around my hand sanitizer (thanks Mom and Dad!) and warded off anybody who looked the least bit fatigued. I would also choke down cups of orange juice every meal time. #stayingsafe #apocalypse
Haha, it really wasnt that big of a deal (plus they told us not to make you guys scared, haha) but when you live in close quarters with a bunch of people and everybody is always shaking hands and whatnot, what do you expect? Luckily it was only like a 24 bug and everybody is completely fine now:) But they guessed about 100 of the 500 Americans here got sick within 2 days, so crazy! The enfermeria was really run over with all the activity. And sick people would get to ride in the golf carts to their casas and stuff, I tried to get in a couple times, but alas- it was not meant to be! haha. Thankfully my companions and I were all safe! And the CCM really is a nice and safe place for mothers to send their missionaries and nobody need think this was a really serious thing because I'm not supposed to share negative things;) 
Another crazy thing happened this week, with my companion Hna Warner. We were playing volleyball in the sand pit (because I'm athletic and cool now) and the sand was really hot. I guess she plays on the balls of her feet, or the sand was really hot where she was, or something because she shifted badly and now she has no skin underneath both of her big toes! So crazy! She also has another blister about the size of a quarter on one of her feet, so I think it was so hot her big toes got huge blisters really quick and then she rubbed them off while running? No se. She is so tough, though. She is going through some pretty tough stuff, but she is so strong!! #Jobstatus! Also, who knew that Job had 42 chapters in it? Also, is that a real story, or just a parable or something? Somebody let me know about that.. 
Haha, anyways, I'm sorry I can't think of much else to write! All I do is study all day and get yelled at for speaking English, haha. But come Monday I will be solo Español for the next 17 months! I leave at 5:30am on Monday morning by bus to the Cuernavaca mission:) Because we're going by bus we don't have to worry about baggage weight and stuff, and that is a huge blessing! Hermana Warner and 4 other American Hermanas will be with me, and some other latinas tambien:) 
I love you all please pray for me and my FIRST WEEK in the campo next week!!!!!!!!!!
-Hermana Swallow

PS- I got my hair cut this morning:) Only positive comments will be accepted;) Love you!!

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