Monday, August 3, 2015

July 23, 2015- Prayers are Answered!

Querido Familia,
This was another great week! I cannot believe that I only have 17 months left in my mission.. that just seems so odd. But at the same time I am so glad my time at the CCM is drawing to a close so I can get out and see what the Lord has need of me for! Next Thursday it will be my last Pday emailing you from the CCM- so crazy! I am so grateful. I still don't know if my Spanish is improving. It is easy for the people who came from knowing no spanish at all to see how they have improved, but it is harder for my district to really feel like we are progressing by my maestro assures me that I am, which is nice:) 
One thing I think I have definitely been learning alot of is the Spirit! It may sound so silly to you that I am just now learning these things, but this past week I have finally realized some of the simplest foundational teaching things. Like, the lessons arent meant to be taught with the focus on the lesson- you need to teach specifically for the needs of your investigator. Principles are the same, but application to lives are different with each lesson. And the Spirit really does witness and testify of Jesus Christ and lead the lessons. Yesterday we had TRC, which is when Mexican volunteers come here to the CCM and get taught so we have practice with members and real latino speakers, and yesterday while we were chatting with our members I felt like we should change the scripture we were going to share to one that I read earlier that day. I didn{t want to change our lesson because I knew my companions were going to be caught off guard, but I did it anyway and it went awesome!! I felt so happy.
One of the coolest things happened this week, and I felt so incredibly special. Every Sunday here all the native english speakers get together to watch a church movie in English. When I first got here I hoped with all my young girl heart that we could watch Legacy one of the Sundays. I even prayed about it while I was struggling getting used to being here and being away from home, haha. Eventually I realized that it really didn't matter what movie we watched so long as I had the Spirit but last week one of the CCM presidency members, Presidente Call, sat with us at lunch and was asking if there was anything he could do for us. All the girls were asking about wearing flip flops and getting churros in the comedor.. but I asked if we could watch Legacy one of the sundays before August 3rd:) He told me that they watch the same 6 movies every transfer so every set of missionaries gets to watch the same movies. I was disappointed, but he wrote it down to talk about in his meeting, and I told him all would be fine! THEN, this past Sunday, we had a lesson on asking specific prayers to the Lord so that we can receive specific answers and I was trying to think about experiences I have had praying and receiving. Every Sunday we also have a devotional all together earlier in the day and last Sunday instead of a recorded speaker like usual WE WATCHED LEGACY!!! Haha, I was so excited I started crying. I love that movie so much! But it wasn't so much about my love for Legacy as it was that I realized I had received what I had prayed for. Even though it was an extremely silly prayer, Heavenly Father thought it was important enough to have them change the schedule of 500+ missionaries because one of his Hermanas had asked:) I am still so grateful and aware of His love for me. Plus I love that movie even more now;)
Along with learning more spanish and more gospel doctrine, I also feel like I am becoming a pretty fair player in Ping pong and Volleyball! We play almost everyday in gym time and I have ceased running away from the ball every time and Hna Warner even told me I hit a couple pretty well yesterday, haha:) By the end of these next 10 days I'll be a pro!
I hope you all have an amazing week! Pray for specific blessings or help so that the Lord can bless you specifically according to your faith:) LOVE YOU!!!!
Hermana Swallow
PS- we went to the Mexico City Temple this morning but since its under construction we just took pictures and enjoyed the Spirit from the outside:)

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