Monday, August 3, 2015

July 9, 2015- Week Two DONE!

My Dear Family,
This second week here at the CCM went SO MUCH BETTER! Man, the work really progresses when we stop thinking about ourselves and starting thinking about others! I am so grateful that the Lord really has blessed me with an attitude of optimism and strength!
This last Sunday was fast sunday! I was kindof annoyed because I love the food here, haha, but it is always good to fast. I started off my fast that I would be blessed with the gift of tongues (and that Emma{s delivery would go good.. I had no idea she had already had Samson.. so my fast worked I guess.. haha, youre welcome!) anyways, so I was fasting for the gift of tongues (like seriously every single person here at the CCM) and I realized something. Why on Earth would the Lord just bless me with such a gift if I didn{t deserve it? I knew He would bless me with it if I worked hard enough, not if I fasted hard enough, so I decided to change my fast that I would be given a DESIRE to work hard, haha. Satan is not trying to tempt me to drink alcohol or break the law of chastity, he is tempting me to not work hard. Lame, I know. So everyday I try to do better! It seriously is interesting, I feel like I talk my best spanish the second I stop worrying about it so much. Last night by like 830 I was falling asleep on my feet in class, but my teacher asked me to be an investigator and then switch and teach him for the class. And I realized I spoke like the fastest and best Spanish yet while I was half asleep, haha. So that is cool.
Guess what happened this week? haha, I finally got sick. Everyone here always complains about the food making them sick and stuff, so far the only thing the food has done to me is make me fat. Because I eat alot of it. Because its delicious! But I also work out everyday. Anyways... so, I was just going about my Monday when BOOM! My stomach decided to try to kill me. I guess I got some sort of virus. I decided that it wasn{t a big deal but when my teacher asked me what was wrong and I told him I wasn{t feeling hot he MADE me go to the doctor. But, I was grateful because they were very kind and gave me nice little pills to feel better, haha. And I do, and I am so grateful I do. Maybe my companions just needed to do some service, haha. Hermana Warner actually told me that she had prayed for an opportunity to speak more in our lessons (Hma Keller and I tend to teach the most) so she said she was grateful that I was sick so she could help in the lesson more. But.. she still didnt talk much in the lesson we gave and I still had to do a bunch, haha. Hopefully she will feel more confident soon. The secret is to cut off Hma Keller when you sense shes in a rant, haha.
Being in the CCM has been pretty good, this week we got to welcome the new recruits and it was fun seeming older and wiser. We actually got a girl from my YSA ward in Logan who was actually my neighbor so it was fun to see her! Sometimes being in a trio is hard because it seems like one person is being left out. What with being sick this week my companions had a lot of bonding time and I was feeling a little left out. We also went running and while I valiently ran the entire time, they totally left me behind, haha. Esta bien. But then our district leader asked me them to teach the district meeting lesson without me.. and I was like "Excuse me?" So, I guess that{s whatever. I am really grateful for the opportunity to make lots of other friends here, especially in our casa. The Lord knows what he is doing, and if anybody had to be in a trio I am glad He trusts me to trust Him!
This morning we went on a trip to migration to finish getting our visas approved and done. It was pretty interesting seeing more of the city! It goes from the nastiest slums I{ve ever seen to the prettiest modern city. So strange, but I can{t wait to see what Cuernavaca is like in less than 4 weeks! 
I love you all SO MUCH! Have an amazing week and remember to look up!
Hermana Swallow 

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