Friday, December 25, 2015

Dec. 14- Loco Cocoyoc-o

Dear Family,
It was a crazy first week in my new area, Cocoyoc:) I miss Galeana and knowing where people lived and which colonias we walk in and the names of members. BUT, I can tell that Cocoyoc is a really special place and I am excited, I know that all those things will come with time:) 
Mostly this week we were getting ready for the Christmas Devotional we had with President and a couple other zones in the mission. In the mission they organize us into Districts (usually 6-10 missionaries) and then the districts are organized into a Zone (usually 2-3 Districts that make up a Stake) and then the Zones are organized into groups of zones that get together now and then for conferences. In this change I had I moved to a completely different multi-zone area, so the conference this week was so fun because I have met hundreds of new missionaries I didnt know before:) 
For the devotional every zone made a skit to show the other missionaries and President, so it was really fun preparing ours! I got to be Elsa in our sketch, so thats why I am dressed like that in all the pics;) I had an amazing investigator actually give me that dress, and another investigator lent me the wig:) They are SO LOVING and giving here. It is amazing to me. They have really accepted me with open arms:) 
It is a little weird because I am in the same district and zone with Hna Garcia (my trainer) again, but it is good:) She actually had some crazy stuff go down with her companion after me.. apprently they fought so bad they had to get separated. I think this says a little about the patience I was blessed with ;) I am also the only American sister in my whole Zone, so that is a little weird. If I want/need to talk in English I have to do it with the Zone Leaders, but they are really nice:) 
My companion and I have been good together:) She is from Peru and has one change more than me in the mission, so 7 months. I am actually her first American companion, so that is a little tough sometimes. She is not used to having to explain things simply and not being understood. But we have already learned a lot together, and I know that we will have a good time as well:) She actually told me that I am helping her become less of a perfectionist because I am so chill with life... which I am sure will make my family and ANYONE ELSE who knows me be surprised, haha. Maybe I have changed in the mission? Because that surprised me, haha. But hopefully I can help her if thats what she needs:) 
Well, I love you all SO MUCH! Go out and serve someone in need. Sing a Christmas carol while walking in the street or shopping in the store. Live the Christmas Spirit:) Go ask for some Christmas pass along cards from the missionaries, and give them to your friends. Use #ASaviorIsBorn. Go to and print out those cool signs and post them to your insta, face (thats what they call facebook here, haha) or your WhatsApp (that is a texting app that EVERYONE has here, en serio.)
Hermana Swallow
PS- We got to watch the broadcast for the dedication of the Tijuana temple yesterday, it was beautiful:) One more temple, and Satans power is a little less:) #HurrahForIsrael !
PPS- Hermana Lizano, my comp, is the one in the pic with the blue sweater with white snowflakes :) 

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