Friday, December 25, 2015

Nov. 30- Ha Nacido Un Salvador

My Dear Family,
How are you doing?:) HOW WAS THANKSGIVING?:) It is definitely not even a thing here in Mexico, but luckily I had my American companion so we could suffer together;) It was still a good day, though! 
This week was harder than some others, we are struggling to find new investigators and have appointments where people actually remember and are there, haha. But we press forward- seguir adelante:) It really is something special to know that whatever we do we are on the errand of the Lord. If someone isnt at their house when they said they would be, then maybe the Lord needs us to find someone on the street:) Thats how we found Walle. It was really special to see him sustained for the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday, I hope I am here to see him bless the Sacrament for the first time:) It is amazing that there is always MORE. We are not done growing and progressing after baptism, or a mission, or marriage... there is always more to learn more to achieve and more people to help along the way. It is amazing. That is part of the beauty of the Gospel we are living:) 
I am sorry I dont have any good stories this week... A dog tried to kill me and Hermana Johnson, it was pretty funny. It looked like sid the sloth and scared the heck fire out of us, haha. We had divisions with the Sister Training Leaders again and that was nice:) I always learn so much. A guy in the street tried to kiss my cheek and I STILL havent figured out how to not-awkwardly get out of that so I just reflex-punched him in the shoulder as he leaned in. Surprise-surprise he didnt come to church this week,haha... One of our investigators told us he would give us thanksgiving dinner, and we we so excited! Then it was just tacos and beet juice- and just so everyone knows, beet juice is gross. Also Hermana J and I tried our best to dress up as an indian and a pilgrim for Thanksgiving, haha. We also bought a baby Christmas tree to decorate after Thanksgiving:) And that is my week in a minute!
So, its basically December now! How are you going to celebrate CHRISTmas?:) The church has an amazing Christmas initiative called A Savior is Born, Discover Why. I invite all of you to visit the site ( , watch the movie, and share it with as many others as you can:) You dont have to be on a mission to be a missionary- share the gift you have been given of the gospel with those who are in darkness. A Savior was born for us. Share why! 
I love you all so much! Have an amazing week! 
Hermana Swallow

We also went back to the Pyramids in Xochicalco again today and it was awesome:) We bought jerseys that say our Mission Zone on it (Zona Galeana) to be cool kids, and it was a lot of fun:) The name on my shirt is Swallita :)

Here is our cute Christmas tree, and also a candid picture of HJ and I trying to plan our Thanksgiving picture. I think it sums up our relationship pretty well;) 


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