Friday, December 25, 2015

Dec. 7- I'm Getting Transferred!!

I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!!! Mom, I was literally screaming I was so happy as I unpacked it!! Haha, thank you so much! YOU SENT ME LEGACY!!!!!! I have already watched it three times this week. Not kidding. I am so happy:) I am so grateful! I actually got the package the day we found out Hermana Johnson was going to train, so even though I was a little bummed that 1) I was getting transferred and 2) I didnt get chosen to train, I had an amazing and love filled package from home:) You are amazing!
I am glad you had fun with Beth up in Idaho:) It is so weird for me to think about it being Christmas sometimes because it is so hot here. So very hot. I dont know if here in Cocoyoc it will be cooler.. but we'll see I guess:) Some fun Christmas things we are doing.. We are getting together with a couple other zones to do a white elephant present exchange:) I hate white elephant, but hopefully I can keep it together this time I play, haha. Other than that, not much:) President says we need to start arranging with our families when you want to talk:) We can do it December 24th or December 25th for 45 minutes:) So, you pick a time and day and let me know!:) I just have to be in the house before 6:30 my time:)

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