Friday, December 25, 2015

Nov. 9- Tender Mercies- Gotta Catch Them All!

Querido Familia y Amigos,
I have not time that I would like to express myself, but just know first off that I love you:) If I dont have time to respond individually to the emails today, know that I am so grateful and sorry that I dont have a lot of time!
It was a week of tender mercies and good times!
First Tender Mercy:
We have an investigator that loves plants:) I love talking to him, he is really cool and he loves that I was studying botany before the mish, so he loves showing me plants:) And we also talk about the Gospel, dont worry;) Anyways, one of the first charlas we had with him he noticed how bit up my legs are (literally covered with bug bites. Covered.) and he told me about the citronella plant that repels mosquitos:) The plant they use for  the citronella candles people buy in the states:) And this week he finally found one and GAVE IT TO ME!!!!! I am so happy. I am not sure if we're allowed to have plants, but it is now coming with me to every area for the next 14 months;) I named her citronelly, nelly for short;)
Second Tender Mercy:
I got an amazing and beautiful package from an angel, with a new charger for my camera!!!!!! So now I can start taking pics of my own again and stop mooching off my companions:) It also included American halloween candy and the members in my ward couldnt handle the delicious candy corn, jaja:) 
Third Tender Mercy:
WE HAD 7 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH!!!! That is a new record:) A new family we started teaching this week came first and I was sitting talking with them as I just kept watching investigators come in and in and in! We couldnt even sit by them all, we had to leave them with other members, I was on CLOUD 9! I am so grateful. I pray that they all felt the spirit and will keep progressing:) 
Fourth Tender Mercy:
I gave my first talk in Spanish!:) I mean, I gave a couple in the CCM, but those dont really count. That wasnt real Spanish, jaja. I was so scared to stand up in front of everybody and teach about the Plan of Salvation, but the Spirit is the real teacher:) And teach it did. I am so grateful. I made mistakes and I didnt feel I did real well, but many members came up to me to thank me for little things they learned. One of them even shared something they learned as their testimony in the Gospèl Principles class:) I am so grateful. 
Fifth Tender Mercy:
Hermana Johnson:) My companion is so amazing. She is helping me grow and find myself here on the mission. She is humble and kind and so compassionate. She is so willing to serve and is so free with her love and compliments:) She probably wont see this ever, but I wanted you to know how amazing she is:) 

The Lord really is in all the details. I am so grateful to just sit back and watch all the amazing things He is orchestrating:) The other day I was getting off a comvie when I placed my foot wrong and literally ate pavement. Hard. But there was a lady on the road that was really concerned about my well-being and we were able to talk to her and get her address to visit:) I am willing to be whatever tool the Lord needs me to be! Look for the little blessings and the opportunities to see His hand in your life:) I LOVE YOU!!! 

Hermana Swallow
PS- The pics: Me and Nelly (the plant:)), Me looking at pics of my family and lying on the floor because I miss them jaja, 

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